Friday, April 19, 2013

Single and ready to mingle

I hate being single. I used to love it after I came off a 3 year relationshit but now, the novelty of singlehood is starting to wear off and it sucks especially since I'm way pass the gates of Thirtyland.

But it sucks big time if you're gay because lately I started to notice that most of my prayers include the line "Dear God, where the f**k is he?" But seriously, where on earth are you brotha? Are you also waiting for me to come busting your single heart and make you fall in love like crazy?

Gees, I'm 32, I'm gay and I'm single... Thoughts like these make me depress. Now I'm starting to worry about my marketability. Am I not that attractive? Am I fat? Am I sporting the wrong haircut? A few days ago I have to ask my officemate if I'm ugly just to convince myself that I still got the "it".

I'm ranting I know and if you're still reading this I have something to ask you: can you give me a date? Any guy will do as long as he's clean and won't scream like my sister on the sight of my morning wood.

On that little note, I'm outta here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Little Fire Hose Reboot

The Little Fire Hose is back from hibernation. After 8 months of deep freeze, I'll get this little naughty bastard out of snooze world. So what happened to my little universe this past 8 months? Lemme see...

1. I got promoted (yes! finally)
2. I'm officially single (oh yes!)
3. I enrolled myself in a gym
4. I lost a pound of body fat (hehe)
5. I have a new laptop (his name is Sam and he's my current boy toy)
6. I got a fake tattoo
7. My roommate got his girlfriend pregnant (sorry for announcing it here bro. don't worry nobody's reading my blog, except for my father)
8. and my crush finally noticed that I exist!

Yeah. Lame. I know. Nothing much happen. But at least my crush finally noticed me after 'salivating' for him in a distance for over a year. 

Aside from that, nah. Nothing much happen except that I survived last December 21st hoax apocalypse and Finding Nemo's finally having a sequel!

So there, you can pretty much tell that this will be another pointless tale of pointlessness. But I promise to keep this little blog interesting and to my 8 followers (God bless you wherever you are folks) - thank you for your invisible support. But please make it visible next time by posting some random comments here.

Swear to God, Yahweh and Allah, if you folks post a comment, I'll give you some freebies. I'm thinking of free tickets to Celine Dion's soon-to-be Manila concert which would probably happen in the next... uhmmm... next... basta next.

Till my next post folks. I'm outta here.