Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Funny Commercials

Hello y'all naughty boys and girls! Let's have a good laugh watching these funny commercials. Warning: video number 1 is sort of NSFW so better enjoy this in the privacy of your own bedroom.

That look of anticipation on the hairdresser's face was similar to mine, hehe. Lucky kitten by the way. Very lucky. Oh well, here's some more.

Just shave your balls if you have a hairy one. You don't want an Afro down there.

Damn. That ice cream must be that good it's worth licking that statue.

This one I find cute. Makes me wonder why can't we have similar commercials shown in this country? Not in the next 50 years maybe.

Had a great laugh at this one. And next is this evil of a cute little girl.

Last on the list is Snuffy the Seal's triumphant return to the sea. Really a bad week to be a seal, hehe.