Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perpetual Loser

That's what I call myself 2 nights ago when my friend and I went out last Saturday night. Bonding with your friend is healthy to keep the friendship going, right? But what if you both end up liking the same person? Will you risk the friendship?

Sounds familiar, eh? It's like a plot from some cheesy movie: Boy meets Girl (in our case it's Boy meets Boy). Boy likes Girl. Boy introduces Girl to Bestfriend. Bestfriend likes Girl and Girl fell in love with Bestfriend and Boy was left broken hearted. That was the exact situation we were in (or more of me) last Saturday night. I was on the flirty mood while my friend who just came out of a nasty break up a few months ago (he's still on the healing-my-broken-heart stage and I'm-not-in-a-rush-for-new-relationship kind of phase) simply tagged along for the fun.

He first saw him sitting in the corner and told me, "That guy looks cute". And sure he was cute with his glasses on and boyish grin. He's like Harry Potter, only hotter and with shorter hair. Mr. Potter is with a friend too, who seemed to have drowned himself in several bottles of beer he's already half drunk ready to pounce on any hot blooded guys gyrating on the dance floor. He seemed to have the hots on Mr. Potter based on the way he looks at him, or maybe it was just my imagination. 

Anyway, Mr. Potter's friend is equally hot. Who wouldn't fall for a hot bod skinhead? But I only had my eyes on Mr. Potter, although there was this really good looking guy in cute shirt who's giving me the eye earlier but oh boy, he turned out to be with his boyfriend so hands off compadre. Now it's just Mr. Potter I have to play my charms with but wait, my friend here likes him too. What's a boy gotta do?

Play the good friend I did and let them get to know each other. There are still other guys in the bar anyway... But me likes Mr. Potter so much I so wanted to wrestle him out of my friend. But I'm not that kind of friend so I just drowned myself in 4 bottles of beer, already feeling like shit on my 5th and ready to pounce on any hot blooded guys... where's Mr. Potter's friend anyway? I could give him a blow, I mean go. No, I mean we could dance together. Two boys miserably jealous over our friends' newfound love.

I don't know how the night went by. Guess I was too drunk to notice but it ended with a really nice twist. I was able to get Mr. Potter's number. Well my friend has his own excuses. It was lame really, said that his phone's dead and he doesn't memorize his number. The truth is my dear friend isn't prepared for something like it. Remember, he's still in that healing-my-broken-heart shit. But I have Mr. Potter's number so why complain? I was just to forward it to my friend a little later though, as he told me, and then we said our goodbyes.

The morning after. Well it was late afternoon really when I woke up with a bit of a headache (and a broken heart), and to my utter joy, Mr. Potter texted me. Yipey! Apparently my friend haven't texted him yet and he's wondering if my friend really do like him. Oh I do like you bro, I really do. But I never went out of my stupid way telling him that. I'm a good friend, remember? And what do good friends do? Kill them and steal their potential boyfriends. Nah. I told Mr. Potter that me thinks friend is still asleep and I'll talk to him tomorrow.

So here I am. Having found an excuse to write something on my little blog. My friend really do like him, a lot. But he's just a bit too afraid to initiate the start and as a good friend, I told him to give Mr. Potter a chance. Go out with him, get to know each other and take it from there. My friend is a great guy and he deserves someone better, even if that someone is someone I also like.

Jeez, now I'm a loser. I think I am. I'm already listening to Linger by The Cranberries and it's playing on repeat.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friends with Benefits

No I'm not talking about the movie. I was actually about to title this post as Wanted: Friend with Benefits. But that would make it sound too wanting like I'm in the lookout for a friend with benefit or fucking buddy to put it more bluntly. 


Erm yes, I'm actually in the lookout for a friend with benefit. There I said it. My sex life is zero and I'm looking for someone to scratch my back. (I hope my friends in the office won't be able to read this as I think I gave them the impression that I'm having an active sex life when I'm actually having none... oh like they care anyway, heh heh)

Now let's go back to what I want to tell you. I'm not a boyfriend material so I was thinking of switching to something conventional. Something you can call quick fix when you want to scratch an itch without feeling guilty about it. Life would be a little less complicated if we have this option, dont you think? But I guess you won't agree much on me here especially if you're into forever and happy ever after. Believe me, I do believe on that fairytale shit but I guess for someone like me, forever doesn't apply or maybe there could be forever for people like us but it's a case of one out of ten... now I'm starting to sound like I'm pessimist.

For a moment I thought she means 'wind' and 'cliff'. Silly me.

Sigh. Why sex has to be so complicated? Can't we have sex minus the complications? I mean, can we have really good sex and make it look like it's the dreamy part of the foreplay? By the way when I say foreplay I mean date. Yes, that's how call it. Whenever I go out on a date, (like I go out on a date that often) I always think how long will I have my clothes on. But that's another story. 

But just think about it. Life's a lot sweeter if we have someone to go to bed every weekend nights, share a kiss or two, rub your back and have an effing good time like an off-and-on switch where you text your 'friend' and ask him 'Hey buddy, are you free Friday night?" Then you'll go through your usual Mondays to Fridays and look forward to weekend with your 'friend'. I'm like talking about a weekend friend here so week nights with your buddy would be fine too or any given night or day of the week, if your horny meter's really spiking.

No emotional strings, no 'I love yous', just plain sex and it's not even physical intimacy just, I don't know, plain fooling around maybe? My dad would call it plain bullshit but bullshit or not, at least you know what you want and knowing what you want separates you from an indecisive teenager to a master adult, or more of a sexually active adult. Just don't forget to use condoms.

So, friends with benefits anyone? Or maybe not.