Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcome Welcome!

Well look at that. I have a new follower! Welcome to my blog Sepsep (for some reason I find your username somewhat kinky, haha!). Thank you for following my little blog. I know, I'm not as prolific as you when it comes to posting new blog post each month but I'm trying my best. (Sep maintains his own blog so you kids better read it, here's the link)

Anyway, I'll start a new practice from now on. Everytime a wayward soul follows my blog, I'll lay out a welcoming red carpet by posting something about my latest blog follower. I'll make you feel special by dedicating my entire writing skills (if I have any, hehe) writing "stuff" about you and for the first episode, I want to talk about my 9th blog follower Sep (I hope it's okay if I'll call you Sep because my naughty brain gets to think of something else when I mention Sepsep)

So here we go. Based on my research, my 9th fan(?) goes by the name of Geosef Garcia. I'm yet to confirm if this is his real name because I have an ex named Geo Garcia... I just made that up, sorry.

Moving on.

Sep is the eldest among children of four boys and nope, none of them are gays except for dear ol' big brother Sep. Sorry for outing you here, man. I'm into boys too so maybe we could uhmm, uh... go out on a date maybe? Haha.

Oh boy, shouldn't have said that. Sorry Sep, just run out of things to talk about. I mean, we're not yet Facebook friends or something. But should you decide to take me out on a non-romantic date, you can look me up on Facebook. Just type "cute single guy desperately looking for a date" in the Search field and you'll find a terrible mugshot of me wearing a green t-shirt and silly smile. Just try not to get distracted by my charms. I get distracted by it sometimes. Well, most of the time really...

Oh enough! Haha. Welcome again Sep and thank you for following my blog. I hope you click on the follow button because you like the shenanigans I post here and not because you think I'm hot. Just kidding. I'm not kidding about the date though.

So there.


  1. Hi Raffy! Thank you very much for the very warm welcome here in your blog!

    I like your posts, especially the one about why we shouldn't quit Facebook. It's nicely written and the reasons make sense; I'll share it on my Facebook. Would that be okay?

    Anyway, thanks again. Cheers to a new reading relationship with you, and I wish you good luck! :)

    1. Naks! Really? You'll share it on your Facebook page? Baka sumikat ako nyan ha, hehehe